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StreetLight Data announces Local and National EV Charging Site Evaluation Solution

StreetLight Data announces Local and National EV Charging Site Evaluation Solution

StreetLight Data announces Local and National EV Charging Site Evaluation Solution

StreetLight Data, Inc., a leader in Big Data analytics for mobility, today unveiled StreetLight’s EV Solution for Site Evaluation, with a specific package geared directly towards Alternative Fuel Corridors.

With data for all vehicles, not just EVs, the new offering will aid national, state and local transportation planners in best utilizing funds and optimizing the build-out of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure across the country.

The launch of StreetLight’s EV Solution for Site Evaluation follows the recent unveiling of StreetLight’s unique EV charging dashboard. With the new EV site evaluation tool, StreetLight’s mobility metrics highlight everything transportation experts need to know about travel demand.

At its core the new offering delivers comprehensive data to guide the use of National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program funds for State DOTs, as well as support the evaluation needs of cities, regions, utilities and charger operators. The solution also aids infrastructure decision making by helping identify prime EV charging sites along key Alternative Fuel Corridors (AFC), along interstates and highways, and ultimately installing chargers in the right places.

“As EV funding deadlines approach, StreetLight is bringing transportation planning professionals a powerful data-driven solution that saves time and improves EV infrastructure decision making by delivering analytics that can be plugged into funding reports,” explained Laura Schewel, CEO and co-founder of StreetLight Data. “EV infrastructure is a new frontier for many, yet decisions on where to deploy charging infrastructure will have a profound impact for decades on the effectiveness and social equitability of the EV revolution.”

StreetLight’s EV Solution for Site Evaluation answers four critical questions:

  • What is the existing traffic demand?
    • Get traffic volumes by time of day (for all vehicles, not just EVs) to highlight the most optimal sites for EV chargers.
  • What are the aggregate demographic characteristics of existing drivers at these sites?
    • View demographics to better understand the profile of current drivers at sites, and thus who would benefit from charging placement at each location.
  • Where are vehicles coming from and going?
    • Identify origin-destination travel patterns and top routes of vehicles to specific sites to determine what locations have high likelihood of future EVs in need of charging, and how potential charging sites interact.
  • How long are vehicles staying at certain sites?
    • Access vehicle dwell time with custom trip distances to determine how long they are stopping at potential charger locations.

For transportation professionals seeking data to support Justice40 and other equity initiatives, StreetLight offers the ability to analyse the environmental justice impact of EV projects on disadvantaged communities.

Post source : StreetLight Data, Inc.

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